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Book of Scribbles

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13 July 1984
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  • orionsroad@livejournal.com

----|| about me

Hi...! This is the writing journal of orionsroad, aka Loki.

Here you'll find all my fics, which are predominantly DBSK centered, and then predominantly Jaeho centered. Yep, yaoi/slash whatever you may, it abounds here in spades, so if you don't like it, what are you doing here?

Just a basic little about me - I'm 25, female and Australian. I currently work as a marketing assistant, while sudying Korean. In 2006, I spent a year in Japan, teaching English with the now imploded Nova company, and enjoyed living in Japan very much. One day I hope to get back there.

I love DBSK, as you might have noticed, and I also like many Japanese & Korean artists. My main fangirl spasms happen over DBSK however! ;D I'm a hopeless fangirl in general though and don't have many braincells left over after the constant frying in fandom.

My other hobby is BJD, which I have many of. They don't really make appearance here though, being confined to my other LJ.

If you'd like to know more... you'll have to friend me. There's an intro post here for those that are on my flist. ^_^

----|| friending me

All my ficsare NOT LOCKED.

I don't lock any of them, so you don't need to friend me to see anything. However, I don't always post or post notifications of my fics in other coms. I've noticed recently I only bother posting the longer pieces outside my journal. You're more then welcome to friend me if you'd like, to get updates or whatever.

I will only add you back however if I recognise your handle. I will recognise it if you either comment at least semi-regularly on my fics, or post here introducing yourself. Once on my friends list you will see my locked posts, which consist of rambles about my life, and... well, fangirlism about DBSK (and sometimes a little of other fandoms too. ^^;).

If you have friended me, and I friended you back but don't want to see these rambling posts, please let me know here as well, and I'll remove you from my friends list. I won't take it personally, promise. ^_^


----|| and...?

Basically, you can find me at jaeho_detox, which is my base comm. XD Other fandoms and pairings I'm into...

: anime etc- Naruto, FMA, Tekken, FFVIII, occasionally Harry Potter.

RL people - Dong Bang Shin Ki

OTPs: anime - SasuNaru, RoyEd, JinHwo, Squall/Zell.

RL people - Yunjae, platonic soulmate!Jaechun

My fics don't get posted anywhere else but on my LJ at present. Please ask if you wish to post or distribute them elsewhere. Please note that if you wish to translate my fics, I am more than happy for you to do so - please just give me credit for the original story. You may post translated fics wherever you wish.

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