Loki (orionsroad) wrote,

Kiss 13

Yunho liked the sex. A lot. Jaejoong was very good at it, and he’d like to think that he himself was not to shabby in bed either. So it wasn’t like he didn’t enjoy that, because he did.

He just found that he liked this better. He wasn’t really sure why… maybe it was something to do with the fact that he could almost pretend that they were two normal hormonal teenagers taking advantage of an empty, parent-less house to make out on the couch.

Maybe it made it all seem a bit more innocent and less serious (Not that he wasn’t serious. Because he was; seriously in love with Jaejoong.) – more light hearted and fun. It really was very fun.

Or maybe it was because Jaejoong was just a really, really good kisser, and that the two of them fit together so very well. That they could sit on the couch and make out, frenetically or lazily, and just enjoy it.

Often it never led to anything more then that. After all, that was another nice thing about it. It wasn’t for a particular purpose – for comfort or reassurance, or even a prelude to sex. It was just a way to be with each other, and ‘enjoy’ each other’s company.

Jaejoong leaned over further, half crawling into his lap as he tilted his head over in the other direction, tongue running over the most ticklish part of the roof of his mouth. Yunho quickly wrestled it down, pushing Jaejoong back to explore his warm mouth. He let out a little involuntary moan as Jaejoong’s hand ran up and down the line of his hip, and then pulled him closer.

The kisses were deep and exploratory (even if they’d long ago mapped every inch of each other), and melded into each other seamlessly; the need to breathe discarded in the face of the temptation of each other’s mouths.

Yunho massaged the base of Jaejoong’s scalp, fiddling with the long strands and then cupping his neck and head, depending on which direction their kiss moved in. Jaejoong shifted again, thigh coming to rub against Yunho’s own leg, scrunching up closer and slipping down slightly, so that Yunho was bent over himself slightly, using the leverage to devour Jaejoong’s mouth, just a little more.

They were still there when the three youngest returned home, finding the band ‘parents’ making out shamelessly on the couch, only to be wrenched apart by Yoochun standing over them and clearing his throat loudly.

“Ahem?” Yoochun fought to repress the stupid silly grin that bubbled in him, pursing his lips and folding his arms in his best imitation of a responsible adult.

Startled, the pair broke away with a large smacking sound and Jaejoong nearly rolled off the couch onto the floor. It was clear that neither of them had heard the three (really quite noisy) younger men enter the apartment or the lounge room.

Jaejoong flushed red, matching his ruby-red kiss swollen lips, while Yunho looked terribly bashful.

Yoochun raised his eyebrow, and Changmin joined him with his best secretary-look-of-doom. Junsu was doing a very bad job at keeping his own laughter back, his face spasming comically.

“And what do you two think you’re doing, hm?” Yochun asked imperiously. Changmin stared down his nose at them, using every inch of his superior height advantage.

“I’m disappointed in you Jaejoong.” The youngest said, and Jaejoong’s heart went out to the future Shims that would be quaking before that look.

“And Yunho! You should know better!”

“We leave you alone,”

“For just a few hours,”

“And we come back to this!”

“Really now. If you can’t be trusted –”

“Then you won’t be allowed to see each other!”

It seemed very much like they had rehearsed this. Junsu obviously hadn’t, and was rolling under the coffee table, ‘eu-kang-kangs’ filling the room.

Yunho sat there, staring up at them for a moment, rather lost for words. Jaejoong was the first to move, sitting up and pulling down on the hem of his shirt primly to straighten it out. He patted down his mussed hair, composing himself, and took in a fortifying breath.

“Well then, umma, appa,” He said, looking up at the pair with one of his inscrutable poker expressions, but with a glitter in his eyes that made Yoochun curl up into a little ball somewhere deep inside himself. “does that mean it’s straight to my room without dinner?”

Junsu laughed and laughed and laughed, because before Changmin could even whimper, Yunho had grinned brightly at the very suggestion, and a second later there was the sound of the bedroom door locking, and a large, empty space on the couch.

There was also a large, empty space in Changmin’s stomach, where his hyung’s kimchi jiggae was meant to be.

Which served him right, Jaejoong told Junsu later, for trying to play Umma.
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