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Stating the Obvious (oneshot)

Title: Stating the Obvious
Rating: NC17
Form: Oneshot
Words: 4 887
Pairings: YunJae
Genre: Floooff!!!
Summary: Yunho finds that you can learn a lot in uni, especially when the obvious seems to be right under your nose.

A/N: For misanmirin, here's you're 'college dorm love' dear, hope you like it! *big hugs and kisses* ♥♥♥~ ILU MYSA!

Merry Christmas, Melyssa!


Jaejoong had been his best friend since he could remember. When his family had moved across the country to a new place, and Yunho had been upset at the unfamiliarity of it all, he’d spotted Jaejoong peering at him shyly from around the fence of his new home. Right then and there, he’d found his familiarity, and a best friend for life.

Jaejoong lived two houses down from him, and his house was filled to the brim with sisters. He was glad, it seemed, to find another young person who wasn’t hell bent on putting pink ribbon into his hair, and the pair of them had hit it off from the start. They’d toddled through kinder together, Jaejoong hiding behind Yunho when other kids approached and then hitting them with a spade if they tried to trample whatever creation they were working on in the sand pit. Through elementary they’d played together, and Yunho gave Jae sanctuary when his household full of teenaged girls got to be just that little bit too much.

Through junior high, they’d gone to movies and skate parks and one year Jae had fallen out of a tree, breaking his arm in two places and putting him in a cast for ages. Everyone in school signed it though, and Yunho carried his bags and fetched his meals for weeks and weeks, so it wasn’t all bad.

They’d insisted on the same high school, of course, and apart from some hugely loud and largely stupid fights, they’d spent those years just as close as ever. Jaejoong would hang around outside the basketball court until practice was over and then force Yunho to shower before he’d go anywhere near him. They’d walk home together, invading each other’s homes to do homework and assignments, to watch TV and eat dinner. They'd sat in the shopping center on weekends, checking out girls together and making lewd comments to each other.

And as they grew older, the girls flocked to them too… all sorts of girls, trying to grab both their attentions. Yunho charmed them easily, and had new girlfriends every second week. Jaejoong honestly wasn’t sure what to do with them, so he just went out with those that asked, then kept going out with those that would put up with his oddness and lack of tact. He still wasn’t sure what to do with the ones that stayed though, and they all seemed far more alien then even his sisters. His sisters, for their part, did everything in their power to tease him about everything from his hopelessness with girls to his hopelessness at sports to the way he spent just as long as any of them styling his hair in the morning. Meanwhile Yunho called to complain about this girl or that girl, and Jaejoong gave the best advice he could, which inevitably ended with the girl running off crying in the next few days. Yunho would then ring up to complain that girls were weird, to which Jaejoong could only whole heartedly agree.

When the careers fairs and university pamphlets started coming, Jaejoong had embraced them gladly, along with the thought of finally getting away from his sisters for a while. He’d turned up one day in Yunho’s room with an armful of brochures and asked just which universities were they applying for? They’d sat on the floor, eating chips and sorting through the impressive glossy prospectuses, basing their decisions on things like the availability of a basketball team, cost of dorms and, of course, how far away the universities were.

Eventually, they’d chosen, applied, and waited. Then when the replies had come back, they sat down again in Yunho’s room, with his sister running in and out and jumping on one or other of them every so often (though Jaejoong insisted that one younger sister had nothing on eight older sisters, so Yunho really shouldn’t complain so much).

In the end, they’d matched up their acceptances and picked their university together, and at the end of summer began to pack their things and bid goodbye to their families. Halfway across the continent, they settled in to their new home for the next few years.

University had been a whole new world for them. It spelled freedom and exciting new things, but at the same time the scary prospect of the ‘real world’ loomed. But they were there together, and that seemed to be enough for the moment. They hadn’t managed to get a room together for the first semester however, which threw Jaejoong into a temper. He didn’t like having to share a room with some random guy with Yunho all of a floor apart from him.

After Jae got over his ire though, he found that he actually rather liked his new room mate despite all his misgivings. Yoochun was clean (thank god), laid back and very easy to get along with. He also seemed to know a lot of people around campus, and so Jaejoong and Yunho found their group of acquaintances and friends grow exponentially.

Sometimes Yunho wondered if this was all a good thing. He missed the ‘just us’ times of their younger years when they’d been just Yunho and Jaejoong. Now it always seemed to be Yunho, Jaejoong and Yoochun. Or Changmin, or Youngwoon or any of the other numerous people that seemed to constantly mill about. And then there was something about the way Yoochun looked at him. Yoochun was a nice guy, really, and Yunho got on with him well. But sometimes he caught Yoochun watching him, or even Jaejoong, with this sort of speculative look that made Yunho frown a little.

It wasn’t until just into their second semester that he found out what was going on behind that speculative look.

At the time, there were more people packed into the common room then the little room was made for, with bodies sprawled over every surface available. There was a movie playing, but also about 4 or 5 running commentaries going on the movie as well. Given the squashed space, Jaejoong had thought it a good idea to sit on someone else.

Yunho had complained, of course, when Jaejoong flopped down heavily onto him. Jaejoong paid him no mind however, except for wiggling until Yunho’s hips stopped digging into his ribs quite so badly. Jaejoong very rarely listened however, and while Yunho tried to move him physically, it proved rather hard given the limited space available for maneuverability. As always, Jaejoong won, and Yunho had been turned into a pillow for the duration of the movie. Choice muttered words under his breath had only gotten him pinched viciously.

It was after the movie though, when Jaejoong had wandered off to somewhere less crowded to take a call, that Yoochun approached him.

“Feeling hungry?” Yoochun asked with raised brows, seeing the number of slices piled onto Yunho’s plate as he sat back down on the floor, managing to find a spot leaning against the couch. Yunho followed his gaze and then grinned.

“Yeah, but not that hungry… Jae’s on the phone.” He explained. Given the feeding frenzy the group was in, there would likely be nothing left by the time Jaejoong got back, so he’d snagged a couple for his friend.

“Ah.” Yoochun said, taking a bite out of the slice he himself had snatched. He gave Yunho another one of his speculative looks as he chewed. “How long have you two been together?” He asked curiously.

Yunho’s brow furrowed momentarily, not following, until the meaning hit and he snorted Pepsi up his nose. Coughing, he hit his chest a few times and shoved a napkin under his nose. Yoochun watched his reaction, somewhat wide eyed. “You okay man?” he asked as Yunho kept coughing. Yunho nodded, but then started to shake his head, dismayed at the assumption buried in Yoochun’s words.

“No… uh, Jaejoong and I aren’t erm… together.” He said, still dabbing at his nose, which was prickling oddly. Yoochun laughed.

“C’mon man. Really, I don’t care – you two are a cute couple. And it’s cool if you wanna stay over in our room or whatever. Just as long as you give me notice, ‘course. I may be cool with it, but it doesn’t mean I want to see it.” Yoochun said with a grin, patting Yunho on the back. Yunho just looked at him bewilderedly.

“No, really! We’re not like that! We’ve just been best friends for forever...” Yunho tried to explain. Yoochun didn’t looked convinced though. “Seriously. I’m straight.” Yunho asserted. He couldn’t say for certain that Jae was, because he’d always sort of wondered if Jae might be at least a little gay (he thought it might just be the influence of living in a house teeming with estrogen, so he couldn’t say for sure), but for himself… he was straight. He’d always dated girls.

“Really? Huh.” Yoochun said, eating some more pizza and contemplating this. Yunho nodded emphatically trying to think of something else to reinforce his statement, but was spared by Jaejoong returning. His friend flopped down heavily beside him, clearly disgruntled.

“Shit, I hate my sisters sometimes. Perfectly normal conversation, and then it’s, ‘Oh, remember that time you thought the rabbit was going to eat you and you screamed like a baby?’…!” He huffed testily. “I was four! I was a baby!” He swiped the drink Yunho had been holding, looked down at it for a moment then looked over at Yunho.

“It’s Pepsi.” He confirmed, knowing that Jae hated Coke. Jaejoong took a big gulp of it then, and then poked the pizza slices on the plate.

“I thought I was away from them, but nooooo… Technology has to bring them back again.” He went on sulkily, before making an annoyed pout and nibbling on the edge of a slice. Yunho patted his hand in a consoling manner that was also somewhat mocking, well used to Jaejoong’s rants on this topic.

Yoochun just laughed.
“I’m so glad I don’t have any sisters! My little bro is awesome.” He said. Jae let out a mou of pain and a conversation about the evils of sisters ensued, Yoochun’s surprising accusation fading from Yunho’s mind.

Except, it kept coming back at inopportune times.

Like when Jaejoong reached over at lunch and began eating parts of Yunho’s salad nonchalantly as he conversed with Changmin. As all the olives (nasty things that they were) disappeared, and then the fork was returned to his hand, he had to wonder if this was quite normal.

Or, when he got sick a few weeks later and Jaejoong came before class to bring him medicine and toast. And then after class when he worked on his assignments in Yunho’s room to ‘keep him company’ and also apparently to supply Yunho with a never-ending fount of tea.

It also came to mind while looking for a jumper Jae had borrowed, when Yunho found to his startlement that half of Jaejoong’s wardrobe had, in fact, been part of his wardrobe at some point. This puzzled him, because Jaejoong always complained about his complete lack of style and mostly bought all of Yunho’s clothes for him anyway. But somehow they’d migrated into Jaejoong’s closet. Going back to his own room, he then realized he had a good number of what he thought must be Jae’s clothes too. He frowned at them, and thought that not remembering whose clothes were whose had to be a bad sign, no matter how you looked at it.

The last straw seemed to be when his mother rang and asked if Jaejoong was looking after him.

“Mum… why would he be looking after me? We’re both grown men.” He asked, completely befuddled and exasperated.

“Dear, you two have always looked after each other. That’s why his mother and I were so glad you chose to go off together to uni. I know Jaejoong will make sure you eat, that sort of thing.” She said patiently. Yunho made a face and quickly changed the subject. It didn’t stop his mother from commanding him to ‘give Jaejoong my love’ at the end of the conversation though.

Yunho sat on his bed for some time after that and wondered what was wrong with this picture.

“I don’t understand!” Jae moaned dramatically, flopping backwards and draping himself across his bed. Yunho happened to be lying on it at the time, highlighting his law text book, and groaned as Jaejoong’s weight landed on his lower back. Jae went limp, head and feet hanging off the bed in a suitably defeated pose.

“What now?” Yunho asked, once again trying to shift Jae’s body. Jae was a dead weight though as he mumbled his answer incomprehensibly. “What? Oh, get off me!” He exclaimed, wriggling madly. Jaejoong grumbled, but complied, somewhat. He sat up and then leaned against Yunho’s side, sighing heavily.

“These stupid formulas. I can’t even figure out which one they’re using to get the answers listed in the back.” Jae whined. “I hate chemistry. Next time I decide I need a boarder range of subjects, shoot me.”

“How about I shoot you anyway?” Yunho muttered, but made room for Jae on the small bed anyway. Jaejoong turned his pout against him, and kicked him lightly.

“What’s wrong with you?” He demanded. “You’ve been acting weird for ages and you’re always in a foul mood.”

Yunho pursed his lips, wondering himself. He didn’t know why he was so irritated by the whole thing. Maybe it was because he kept having these stupid thoughts, and had started to over analyze everything. Maybe it was because he kept second guessing everything he did with Jaejoong these days, and it grated on him - he couldn’t spend time with Jae anymore without Yoochun’s words rising in his mind. Maybe it was because he was noticing things about Jae he’d never even thought about before.

Maybe it was because he was finding what he was noticing disconcerting.

He remained silent, thinking and staring unseeingly at the ravine in the middle of his text book, highlighter dangling from his fingers. He didn’t realize Jaejoong’s half playful, half annoyed expression was fading with every second that went past that he didn’t answer.

His reverie was broken by Jaejoong’s hand coming to rest on his shoulder, grip gentle but solid.

“Are you okay Yunnie?” Jaejoong asked softly, using the childish pet name in his worry. Yunho jerked his gaze up, finding concern written all over his friend’s face.

Plastering a smile on his face, he rushed to reassure Jaejoong.
“I’m fine Jae, really. Just thinking. Nothing’s wrong. I don’t know why I’ve been so grumpy lately, sorry.” He said in a rush. Jaejoong frowned at him, not believing him at all.

“Yunho…” It was hard to sway Jaejoong once he got an idea in his head, he could be very tenacious. And one thing he was especially tenacious about was his family (despite how much he complained), and Yunho. “Yunho, what’s wrong?” He pushed, and Yunho sighed.

He didn’t really know what to say. ‘Yoochun accused us of being together’? He didn’t think so. ‘I think we’re too close to be friends’ sounded even stupider. And harsh. Jaejoong would take it the wrong way, get stroppy and be out of the room in a flash. He sighed again, pensive, and nudged Jaejoong off him. This time Jae let him up without protest, and Yunho came to sit on the bed, closing his text book for the moment in the face of more important things.

A warm hand enveloped his, and he looked down to see Jaejoong cradling one of his hands in his own. It was comforting and the affectionate, caring gesture just added to Yunho’s mental list of things that weren’t-quite-right. Never the less, he didn’t pull his hand away.

“Jaejoong, I – ” Yunho began, but then realized he still had no idea what he should say. Jaejoong just kept his eyes on him, gaze and touch encouraging. Jaejoong had always listened, when he needed to. He might keep up a litany of nonsensical ramble most of the time, but when he needed to – when Yunho needed him to, he would listen. And Yunho realized he at least owed it to Jaejoong to let him know what he was thinking.

So, taking a deep breath, he started again.
“Yoochun mentioned something, a little while back, and I guess it just got me thinking.”

“What did he say?” Jaejoong asked, cocking his head to the side.

“He asked,” Yunho swallowed, “he asked if we were a couple. As in, a dating, romantic couple.”

Silence met this declaration, and Yunho felt himself bulldozing on, having to get all the words out now that he’d started.

“And I said no. Because we aren’t. He didn’t really believe me I think, but then I… I guess I started really thinking about it. I mean, we share food. And clothes. My mother loves you. We… we touch a lot,” He said, and both of them looked down at their joined hands. “We call each other even when we’re only a few buildings away and have only just seen each other.” He paused again, and looked at Jaejoong’s face. “When you’re not around, I miss you.” He ended with, softly.

“So… I don’t know Jaejoong. Are we a couple?” He asked after a moment. He hadn’t even known he was going to ask it until the words came out, but belatedly realized that’s what he’d been trying to figure out for the past few weeks. Just where, exactly, did the line between best friends and lovers blur?

Jaejoong’s eyes came up to meet his, wider then usual in shock. His lips too, hung open slightly, as if he couldn’t think of what to say. But his hand was still there in Yunho’s, so Yunho thought he mustn’t be completely repelled by the thought.

“Do,” Jaejoong’s voice broke on the word, and he coughed, going slightly red. His eyes didn’t leave Yunho’s face though, searching it as if for clues. “Do you think we are?” He asked. Yunho licked his lips, unsure. “Are you… attracted to me?” His voice dipped into an almost whisper, and Yunho started. That wasn’t something he’d really considered.

Looking at Jaejoong, Yunho tried to look beyond his best friend, who he’d seen at his best and worst, and see him as… well, as a person.

Jaejoong wasn’t exactly handsome, but he was pretty. He had high cheekbones, and pretty eyes. His lips were pink and full, and Yunho thought they would be very kissable. He was slim and fit, and Yunho knew for a fact that he fit in Yunho’s arms very well, a countless amount of hugs having been shared between them over the years.

Yunho could feel Jaejoong looking him over in a similar way, and wondered what the other boy had concluded.

“I suppose I could be.” He answered eventually, and Jaejoong bit his lip in mirth. The situation was a bit stupid really, Yunho thought wirily to himself. Here he was, debating over whether or not he was aroused by someone. It wasn’t how he usually conducted his romantic liaisons, to say the least. Feeling suddenly more at ease with the whole situation, he smiled. “Why don’t we find out?” He asked, almost cheekily. And before Jaejoong could protest, he pulled Jaejoong forward and kissed him.

Jaejoong’s lips were soft and entirely kissable, and as his mouth opened in invitation, Yunho didn’t hesitate to deepen the kiss. Jaejoong reciprocated in kind, and edged closer to him on the bed, until they were plastered to each other, Jaejoong holding Yunho’s head close while Yunho’s hands began to stray down the other’s back, rubbing over his sides.

Jaejoong’s t-shirt hitched up, and Yunho’s hand made contact with heated skin, fingers trailing eagerly over the expanse - feeling Jaejoong in a whole new way. The small moan that escaped into Yunho’s mouth just spurred him on. Finding the small metal ball threaded through Jae’s belly button, which Yunho had helped fasten when Jae had changed it for the first time, he tugged at it, calling another moan. Elation filling him, his hands greedily kept moving, feeling the delightful warmth, while Jaejoong’s own fingers began to roam.

They explored each other, all fumbling hands and wet kisses, feeling like they were back in high school with their first girlfriends. It was unglamorous and inelegant, but neither felt the need to try and impress each other. They just wanted to feel. It seemed like the floodgates had opened up between them, and Yunho thought that maybe his life had just been one long road leading up to this point.

“Mph, Jae…” He panted out, ripping their lips apart long enough to tug off Jaejoong’s shirt. He just stared at the bared skin for a moment, appreciating Jae’s form in a way he’d never thought to before this. A nudge from Jaejoong broke his admiration, as his own shirt was pried from him.

Jaejoong licked his lips, giving Yunho an almost devilish look before attacking him. They were kissing hotly again, Yunho’s arms wrapped firmly around Jae’s bare back as Jaejoong strived to plunder his mouth most fully.

Falling back onto the bed, Yunho could feel Jae’s hands sliding further down his back to dip into his loose pants. He let out a startled gasp as one hand squeezed his butt shamelessly, and Jaejoong laughed at his reaction.

“Imp!” He accused, but Jaejoong made no reply, choosing instead to bite Yunho’s neck before sucking on the mark. Yunho groaned, striving to keep some kind of control as he was shown that Jae wasn’t as clueless about this sort of thing as he’d thought. He got another swift reminder of Jae’s prowess as fingers dug into his belt and buckle, making quick work of it.

The decision to lose the rest of their clothing seemed to be mutally made at the same time, and they scrambled apart long enough to divest themselves of everything, before plastering their bodies back together again.

Jaejoong moaned headily as Yunho went in for the kill this time, kissing, nibbling and licking a train down his neck and over his torso. Pausing at the raised pebbles, he nipped at them both, making Jaejoong buck under him. Grinning, he kept going, until he was faced with Jaejoong’s very interested member. It was the first time Yunho had ventured to do anything of this sort with another male, but it didn’t deter him, and his tongue flickered out to lick at Jaejoong.

“Yu-NHO!” Jae’s sharp cry made him grin all the more, and he pressed a kiss to the tip of Jaejoong before sucking gently on the head for a little. He watched as his friend’s hands curled into the bedsheets, going white knuckled. Feeling accomplished, Yunho let his hands run over the curves of Jaejoong’s hips and over the valley his quivering stomach made, down to his legs, where he drew the long limbs up and began stroking at the obviously sensitive skin of his inner thighs.

“Oh god, Yunho… ughnn…” Was Jaejoong’s intelligent reply to his caresses, and Yunho thought he sounded wonderful. “Yunho, you need… hnnn! You need lube.” Jaejoong panted between moans, and Yunho paused in his work to look up at him, finding his face hazed with pleasure.

Lube, he thought urgently, and then looked around the bed. He didn’t want to let go of Jaejoong, and was grateful when he spied Jaejoong’s enormous bag that he carried around campus. Lunging for it, he dragged it over and rummaged around in it until he found the tube of hand cream that he knew Jaejoong always carried. (Another tick for the ‘gay’ idea. Although, being that Jaejoong was currently splayed out underneath him, naked and wanton, he rather thought there was no use in keeping that tally going anymore.)

Moving up to kiss Jaejoong again, he managed to fumble off the lid of the tube, and then wondered what to do next. Jaejoong grabbed his hip then however and pulled away enough to plant a kiss on Yunho’s flushed cheeks.
“Put some on your fingers. You need to stretch me.” He instructed, huskily, and Yunho felt himself nestle further onto his body as Jaejoong spread his legs a little further and planted his feet on the mattress.

Well, he was glad someone knew what the were doing, even if he stored this little fact in his brain for further exploration later on. Meanwhile, he did as bid and coated his fingers in the lotion, maneuvering himself around until he could slide his hand down and probe Jaejoong’s entrance.

Jaejoong keened as Yunho penetrated him, and Yunho bit his lip in surprise and apprehension, feeling the tension running through Jaejoong’s body.
“S’okay…” Jaejoong mumbled, so he gingerly pressed onwards, kissing Jaejoong to make up for it. The preparation was awkward for him, but they got through it seemingly okay, Jaejoong beginning to moan again under him.

It was hard for him to control himself, as he removed his fingers and began to press himself down on Jaejoong. This was a whole new experience, and not just because it was a male underneath him. Looking down at Jaejoong’s sweat covered face, the lines of pain and pleasure sketched over his expression, Yunho really wondered why it had taken them this long. Why he’d bothered with all those girls, when Jaejoong had been there all along. He thought, vaguely, that maybe he should worry that this sudden change would disrupt their friendship. But then, something else in him said, wasn’t this their friendship? Wasn’t this what it had always been, just not as… full?

Yunho didn’t care anymore, he knew what he wanted. Knew that this was Jaejoong, and they could be anything together. He lent down and kissed Jaejoong, and pushed his hips forward.

He could feel Jaejoong’s cry in his mouth as he slid inside, and felt the unbelievable pleasure pool up inside himself, whole body shivering with how good he felt.

“Oh god, Jae…” He whispered, pressing his cheek to Jaejoong’s as he slowly began to move, Jae’s arms wrapped tight around his shoulders.

Jaejoong’s soft, pleasure filled whimpers fueled his desire, and he rocked into his best friend with care, taking his time despite how needy he was. He wanted this to last, even though he felt like he could explode at any minute.

They clung to each other, enacting a slow dance of skin on skin and feeling more then they thought was imaginable. Yunho couldn’t remember what he said, but he knew words spilled from him, things he’d probably told Jaejoong before, like how much he cared for him, and new things as well, such as how good he felt, how hot his body was.

It didn’t last as long as Yunho had wanted, his thrusting becoming erratic and urgent far too quickly as Jaejoong’s moans grew. Jaejoong wrapped his legs around Yunho, pulling him deeper; his muscles tensing as they both neared their final release, the pleasure building up inside them.

Yunho cried out as he came, releasing himself into Jaejoong’s tight embrace, even as Jaejoong’s back bowed and he came with a groan between them. Yunho’s muscles tremmored and gave way then, and he fell onto Jaejoong, spent.

Jaejoong rubbed the nape of Yunho’s neck tiredly, his nose buried against the bigger boy’s ear as they both fought to find their breath.

“That was… unexpected.” The raven haired boy managed to get out after a few moments heavy breathing. Yunho couldn’t help but laugh.

“But good.” He added on, and he felt Jaejoong smile.

“Yes. Very good.” Jae agreed.

They were still wallowing in each other’s warmth when they heard the door click open. Both of them tensed, not having time to really spring away from each other before a rather explosive swear word broke the air.

“Fuck! URGH.” The door slammed closed hurriedly, and they heard something thump against it heavily on the outside.

“Fuck man! I told you to at least give me some warning! Shit!” Yoochun’s traumatized voice came through the wood. “I so didn’t need to see your bare ass! Urghhhh… Oh man. I’m going to the pub. Jae, fucking call me when it’s safe to come back. I dunno how many shots it’s going to take to sanitize my mind…!” There was another thump on the door, and then silence.

Jaejoong and Yunho exchanged wide eyed stares, and then burst out laughing at the same time. Still feeling completely frazzled by Yoochun’s surprise appearance, Yunho rolled off Jaejoong (almost rolling straight off the small bed entirely) and tried to calm his thundering heart, which had gotten a bad shock.

“Well. Well. I guess Yoochun was right.” He said out loud, musingly, as Jaejoong turned and tucked himself neatly under Yunho’s arm. He tugged Jae closer, happy to just lay there with him for at least a while.

“Yes. He does that sometimes. Very annoying. And we’ll never hear the end of it either.” Jae replied, but didn’t sound all that upset about it. Yunho grinned again, and nudged his nose into Jae’s hair.

“I don’t think I ever want to hear the end of it.” He murmured into the dark, inky strands. Jaejoong just smiled, forgiving Yunho his sappiness and kissing his shoulder.
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