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Best Laid Plans (oneshot)

Title: Best Laid Plans
Rating: PG15 for Jae's big potty mouth.
Form: Oneshot
Words: 1 359
Pairings: YunJae
Genre: Fluffity fluff!
Summary: Yunho learns about the rewards one reaps for weathering the storm, in more then one way.

A/N: For kaori_hayashi, who wanted 'snow, coffee, confession'. I hope you don't mind Jae's massive potty mouth in this girl. I dunno what happened - he just started swearing his head off and it went down hill from there! ^^; I hope you enjoy it anyway!

Merry Christmas, Kaori!
I hope you have a good one dear.

And, as I'm going to be spending Xmas with my aunt, sadly I'll have no internet until Tuesday. So even though I have seven 'Christmas fics' to go, none of them will be posted until after Christmas. ^^; SORRY! I tried, I really did, but I don't write fast enough. >_< They will all be done though, and very soon hopefully!



“Fuck. It’s fucking freezing.” Was Jaejoong’s grumbled greeting to Yunho as he stomped his feet, trying to keep them from freezing solid in his boots. He was completely buried in a huge white fluffy jacket, eyes peering out from the small hole in the fur-lined hood as he glared at his friend.

“Why the fuck did you want to meet here of all places?” Jaejoong kept ranting, even as Yunho attempted to scold him for his language. Yunho sighed instead. He should have remembered that Jaejoong hated the cold bitterly.

They trooped along to the bus stop Yunho had written down on the back of his hand, Jaejoong swearing into his hood all the way and making Yunho wonder if he himself is Stan or Cartman. He hopes neither. He doesn’t swear much.

The bus was slightly warmer, and Jaejoong stopped complaining long enough to ask Yunho just what they were doing.

“I have a plan. Just… let me keep it a secret a little while longer, okay?” He made the plea with his very best puppy look and Jaejoong pouted at being denied but let it slide. Just this once. “You’ll find out soon.” Yunho promised his best friend, hands twisting into his own jacket in nervousness.

It was a good plan too. Perfectly laid out. There would be beautiful panoramic views, a nice meal that Jaejoong would go home and try to replicate, and a very cozy, intimate atmosphere. The perfect setting in which Yunho was almost positive he could gather up enough courage to finally confess.

Yes. A perfect plan. Which went straight to hell as soon as the bus made a horrible groaning noise and rolled to a stop, halfway up the hill.

“What the fuck.” Jaejoong’s eloquent summarization matched Yunho’s thoughts perfectly as he peered out the fogged window, trying to figure out where they were. The driver scrambled out the door, immediately engulfed in a flurry of white flakes as he battled his way to the engine. There was some scraping noises, a hiss, steam and wetness on the windshield, and then the driver scrambled back into the bus, looking much worse for wear.

“No good, she’s gone.” He said, rather glumly to the handful of passengers in the bus, including the two young men. One was flabbergasted, practically seeing his long-planned evening going down the drain at warp speed. The other was thinking along a far more expletive-filled route, filled with vague ideas of strangling his friend to death for dragging him out here in the middle of nowhere to die of cold.

It was a hard slog, walking back down the iced-over road towards the nearest shelter. The group moved slowly, the handful of people sticking together through the heavy curtain of snow. Jaejoong kept slipping in his boots on the icy surface, and his profanities only poured out faster as he slammed down onto his ass, jarring his tailbone. He muttered darkly at Yunho as Yunho offered a concerned hand, hovering nearby from then on just in case he should slip badly again. It seemed like an age until a large lump on the side of the road materialized itself into the shelter they were seeking. This happened to be a gas station with, thankfully, a built on building that somewhat approximated a diner.

Jaejoong shook out his coat, loosing his own cloud of snow, as he stepped into the thankfully heated room, the other ill-fated bus riders finding seats and hurriedly ordering coffee and tea to try and warm themselves up. Jaejoong demanded three cups – one for Yunho and two for himself, and slid somewhat sullenly into a seat, hunching over as he rubbed his hands, trying to regain feeling in them.

The coffee was crap, and instant, but it was hot. Yunho near scalded his tongue on it, but Jaejoong, after a first tentative sip and a scrunched up face, used his cup to warm his fingers.

“So now, since it doesn’t look like we’ll be going anywhere tonight, are you going to tell me what the hell you dragged me out her for? We could have been warm at home in front of the TV. Or eating some good sushi or something.” Jaejoong grumbled, his large eyes peering out at Yunho over the mug of coffee accusingly.

Yunho squirmed embarrassedly, loathe to admit his real plan now that it had gone so terribly wrong.
“It was nothing really. I just thought we could go to that little restaurant at the top of the hill.” He said lamely.

Jaejoong gave him an unimpressed look.
“Yunho. We went there a few weeks ago. It was good, but not good enough to go out in a snowstorm for.” He said flatly.

“I… I didn’t expect it to snow quite so hard.” Yunho muttered back, truthfully. He’d checked the weather bureau website about 10 times in the last week, and the worst it had shown was ‘medium snowfall’. Which didn’t sound so bad to Yunho. Pretty, even, with those big windows the restaurant had.

“Any snow is bad enough.” Jae took another sip of his coffee, the tingling in his fingers indicating the resumption of blood flow back to his fingers.

“I just wanted to treat you to a night out.” Yunho said, almost annoyed at how ungrateful Jaejoong was being. Granted, Jae was unaware of just how far Yunho had planned this, but his harshness stung.

“Well, next time treat me to a night in. Pizza at home is just fine. You know I hate the cold – I don’t know what- ”

“I was TRYING,” Yunho suddenly burst out, the whole horrid ordeal finally getting the better of him. “TO TELL YOU THAT I LOVE YOU.”

It was suddenly very silent, and Yunho realized that he’d shouted his pent up confession at the top of his lungs, causing every person in the place to turn and look at him. Jaejoong included. In fact, Jaejoong was gaping at him, quite like a fish.

Yunho went bright red, completely mortified. Of course, he’d thought it couldn’t get any worse, so of course he does the one thing that could possibly have sent this whole day straight to hell in a hand basket.

He was in some cruddy gas station diner, off in the middle of nowhere, with his best friend half frozen, drinking horrible coffee, and he’d just declared his love for said best friend in front of a gawking audience. This just had to be the most horrible, mortifying day of his life.

Great. Just… great.

“Well.” Jaejoong said, and Yunho managed to lift his eyes from the table top, which he’d been boring holes into with his gaze, to see Jaejoong looking just a little bit gobsmacked. He seemed to shake it off however, and then sat up, in a business like manner. “Well then.” He said again, folding his napkin over neatly on the table and cocking his head to the side. “I should hope the next date is significantly better then this one.” He paused a moment to think. “Though I don’t see how it could be any worse.”

Yunho stared at him, doing a little gaping of his own.

“Wh-hu, ah, really?” He stuttered out, stunned. Jaejoong gave him an amused little grin, seeming to get over his own shock as Yunho settled into his.
“Of course. You’re such a ninny, Yunho. You could have just told me this at home, you know. I’m your best friend. There’s not much use in using romance on me.” He said, matter of factly. He paused for a moment, considering.

“In fact, you know, I think it would be better if you tried not to plan anything vaguely romantic at all. Ever again.” He said, rather mildly, with a big smile on his face that promised Yunho much pain if he ever got Jaejoong stuck out in the middle of nowhere in the freezing cold, ever again. Yunho didn't look like he'd care if Jaejoong started swearing his head off at Yunho again, his own (more stupid and sappy) grin plastered all over his face. And Jaejoong was satisfied with that too. So long as Yunho took heed of his advice, Jaejoong was quite sure they’d have a lovely relationship.

After all, he’d only been waiting for Yunho to get over himself and ask him out for years now.
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