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All the Signs of Stress (oneshot)

Title: All the Signs of Stress
Rating: PG
Form: Oneshot
Words: 879
Pairings: YunJae
Genre: Fluff fluff

A/N: For cherjae, who gave the prompt 'exams, relieving stress'. ^_^

Merry Christmas, Cherjae!


“I’m going to die.” Yunho moaned, his head thunking down onto his extraordinarily, horrifyingly, thick corporate law text book. It crinkled under his forehead in protest.

Letting out a heavy breath of air, Yunho closed his eyes and tried to relax his shoulders. He could feel muscles all the way up his back twinging, telling him he was not being very nice to his body.

It worried him that there was too much coffee in his blood. Or rather, that there might be blood in his caffeine stream. The sort of scattered high of it kept him going, even though his mind was jumping off the page and the words weren’t making that much sense to him anymore. And he could feel himself winding down, likely to collapse of the end of a wave of abuse on his brain and body that could only come as a result of two weeks of university exams.

He could almost see the finish line too, but it was frustratingly far away. One more day and he would be done. And then three months of glorious freedom until next semester started. One more day. Just one more.

He repeated it as a mantra in his mind, but it didn’t change the fact that he still had one more exam to go, that he was out of his mind on caffeine, tense as all hell and not remembering a word of the drivel he was reading.

His head bounced off the text book again, and the coated page stuck to his forehead – only just escaping being ripped.

“I thought you proved last semester that osmosis doesn’t work?” An amused voice from behind put in. Yunho groaned.

“Well, I’m now sure that under enough duress, it might.” He mumbled against an info box about an exceedingly boring case study.

Warm hands settled on his back and moved up to his shoulders, fingers running over his muscles. He yelped as they dug into the mass of knots borne of way too much stress. Jaejoong had always had a flare for torture.

“Jeeze, have you got rocks under here or something?”

His answer was incomprehensible whimpering as the fingers dug deeper.
“Come to bed. It’s late.” Jaejoong said, and Yunho could feel him leaning against his back, head coming down to nuzzle the side of his face. He was warm and familiar and comforting and Yunho wanted to just melt into a puddle right there.
“Can’t… got to finish reading this…” He moaned morosely, turning his head slightly so he could peer at Jaejoong with one eye.

“Bullshit. I bet you can’t tell me anything that you’ve read in the last half an hour. I told you not to drink that coffee.” Jaejoong scoffed, giving him a look. Yunho pouted.
“Well, well, I did. And I won’t be able to sleep anyway.” He protested petulantly, as Jaejoong stood up and tugged at his shoulders, trying to move him.

“I’m sure we can figure out something to make you sleep.” Jaejoong’s smile was a bit wicked, and Yunho’s eyes widened in some panic.
“Jae…! There’s no way…!” He began, but Jaejoong just laughed, finally succeeding in pulling Yunho from his chair.

“Oh shush, you idiot. I think we’ll save that for when you’re coherent enough to appreciate it.” He said amusedly as he tugged Yunho from the room and across the hall into the bedroom.

He gave Yunho’s off-balance body one last shove, forcing him to flop on the bed. Jaejoong stood over him, hands on hips and a no-nonsese expression on his face.
“Strip.” He demanded. Yunho gave him a bewildered look.
“But, you just said…!” He protested. Jaejoong made an exasperated noise.

“Baby, we’ve got three months to roll around in bed together. Right now, I just want you to sleep, okay?” He said, beginning to pull at Yunho’s shirt despite his boyfriend’s recalcitrance. “I’m going to give you a massage, twit.” He explained, when Yunho still didn’t budge. Understanding flooded Yunho’s expression, and he gave Jaejoong a pathetically soppy look.

He opened his mouth, clearly about to expound something stupid (or so Jaejoong judged), so Jae just shook his head, waggling a finger at him.
“No. Just strip. I’m going to get some oil.” He instructed, and strode from the room with every air of authority.

Grinning, Yunho quickly shed his clothes and flopped back onto the bed, face down. Jaejoong was back moments later, and had brought their little bottle of massage oil with him. The smell of almonds permeated the room as he slicked his hands. The bed dipped, and Yunho felt Jaejoong straddle his waist. He hid a grin into the pillow, somehow ridiculously touched at Jaejoong’s care of him. Even if he was still stressed for his exam, Jae was right. There wasn’t anything more he could do about it tonight.

Jae lent forward, pressed a kiss to the nape of Yunho’s neck, and then put his hands to the tight muscles that knotted up his boyfriend’s back.

As Yunho melted into a nice little puddle in the middle of their nice bed, he thought about all the fun that they would be having in this very spot, just as soon as his blasted exams were done with.

He couldn’t wait.
Tags: xmas gifts, yunjae/jaeho
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