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Something Extraordinary (oneshot)

Title: Something Extraordinary
Rating: PG
Form: Oneshot
Words: 669
Pairings: YunJae
Genre: zum, fluff? Soppy Yunho. haha. I think I've made that a genre!

A/N: For nullspace, who was looking for 'kiss and makeup', although this tackles the theme in a rather broad sense. ^^; Sorry bb.

Merry Christmas, Shizz!


Jaejoong was wild when he was angry – reckless. Not that he wasn’t for the rest of the time either, but it was exacerbated ten fold when he was angry. Yunho was always in a perpetual state of breathlessness, caught up in the whirlwind of Jaejoong’s emotional roller coasters and crazy ideas.

Generally, Yunho was a straight-laced sort of guy. He wasn’t so extravagant, and even though he liked to have fun, he was also level headed and responsible about his actions. On the whole, Yunho thought himself a little bit on the boring side, living a mediocre life. He’d never minded that though, until Jaejoong had waltzed into his life and turned it upside down and inside out.

Jaejoong was like his antithesis – vague, wild, spontaneous and carefree. Jaejoong did what he liked when he liked, to hell with everyone else. He’d call Yunho up in the middle of the night (it had taken a lot of coaxing from stopping him just coming over, banging on the door and waking up everyone on the whole floor), and pull him off on random trips to anywhere from the beach to a nightclub to an abandoned building.

He’d start singing in the middle of the street, or force Yunho to waltz with him in the rain. And he loved it when they drew a crowd, loved having people watch him, adore him or even scorn him, so long as it was attention. He flirted outrageously sometimes, with anyone and everyone, oblivious to Yunho’s ire and jealousies or maybe even egged on by it.

He’d smirk, slyly, every time Yunho would grab him by his wrists, and force him into a wall, kissing him til his lips bruised and plumped. He’d smirk and kiss Yunho again and again, and laugh at his possessiveness.

Oh, he laughed then, but when he saw Yunho so much as talk to someone he’d not deemed acceptable, it was Jaejoong who flew into a rage. And these rages did not involve bruised lips but rather bruised egos and the early death of a number of plates and other fragiles.

And then Yunho would wake up in the middle of the night, with Jaejoong on the phone telling him to come outside right now, like nothing had ever happened. Like trashing Yunho’s apartment was just par for course and not to be spoken of again. That was, of course, until it happened again.

Jaejoong drank when he was angry too. Not that he didn’t drink when he was happy, but just that his moods as a result of the alcohol seemed to match his moods before the alcohol. He tended to get overly amorous when he was happy, clinging to Yunho and planting sloppy kisses on his face, lips, and saying incredibly dirty things until Yunho gave in and half carried him to bed. The belligerent, argumentative side of him emerged just as easily however when he drunk himself into a stupor because of anger, and he was more then likely to end up trying to punch Yunho in the face or throw rocks through his window for whatever perceived slight he was raging upon.

The fey man was as changeable as the winds, and Yunho never did quite know what each day would bring. He could end the day with a black eye, or a shirt full of coffee; or he could end it with a sated angel in his arms. He could wake up to darkness and a crazy adventure in the early hours of the morn; or he could wake up at noon to ‘breakfast’ in bed and a playful kitten wriggling in his lap.

Jaejoong could love him or hate him, kiss him or kill him, cause Yunho to feel every emotion under the sun… but throughout it all, Yunho always knew he’d never be able to live life again without Jaejoong in it. Life, he had found, was not meant to be mediocre.

It was meant to be extraordinary.
Tags: xmas gifts, yunjae/jaeho
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