September 17th, 2011


Friends? ^_^

okay~! hah. I'm diverging from my writings to also post random observations/rants/squeeing which will largely still center around DBSK. There might be random bits of my RL too.

All NON-WRITING posts will be friends locked.

Fics will never be locked, so you don't need to friend me to see anything. If you'd like to friend me though, for updates when I post fic, go ahead. ^_^

If you'd like to friend me to read my rambles and what not, that's fine too, however, you will need me to add you back to do so.

I will only add you back if I recognise your handle. I will recognise it one of two ways:
- if you comment on my fics
- if you post in this thread introducing yourself & saying you'd like me to friend you too. ^_^

If I add you back and you don't want to be added, no worries, just let me know here and I'll remove you from my f-list. I won't take offense!

And er, after you've friended me, you can find more about me in this post. (it's flocked!)

My fics will always remain unlocked.