November 21st, 2008


Chun =/= 'the ugly one'. D:

FREEEEEEE> FINISHED!! :D Thanks to everyone who wished me well. I'm now offically DONE with my degree. mwhahaha. Well, til graduation. Which is, apparently, in June next year. >_< But anyway, I now am free to do whatever I want, so I vegged out completely today. Watched DBSK stuff.

In a Week Holiday:Camping, has anyone else noticed that neither Yoochun nor Jae have kings during their chess match? lmao!! FAIL.

And omg, why the hell hadn't I seen this before?! My eyes went teary, I was laughing so much!

Anyway... Today I watched All About 2 making dvd, and mum was sewing on the other couch while I was watching for a while.

... She said Chunnie was ugly. D: OMG WTF. Is this a mum thing? I've read that some other mothers also deemed Chun as the 'ugly one'... but wahhhhh. Poor Chun. >_<

She said Jae was very good looking (and then asked why they looked so feminine... @_@), said Minnie was 'okay' and Yunho was 'handsome'. This was while they were in their room before the Taiwan performance thing... Junsu wasn't around right at that time, so she didn't comment on him.

... but lol! Immediatly after Jae appeared again, she went: "Is he gay?" XDXDXD I nearly loled, but asked why she asked instead. "I don't know. He just seems like he's gay..."

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