October 2nd, 2008


Grammatical question plznthx

Okay!! This has been driving me nuts. I keep thinking it's one way, and then changing my mind. So, another question, for those in the grammatical know:

When you split up speech with description, what are the punctuation rules?

For example, the line:

"No," he shook his head tiredly. "It wasn't meant to be like this."

Is 'he' meant to be capatalised?

Is it meant to be a comma after 'tiredly', or a full stop?

Is 'it' meant to be capatalised?

:/ Big thanks to anyone who replies. This has been puzzling me for quite some time.

Edited for answer:
Turns out the whole sentence is wrong anyway, as it needs a dialogue tag (eg, said, replied etc) ^^; All the things I never knew about English grammar!

If you'd like to read a guide to the various punctuation rules for dialogue, please check out this fantastic tut here, which mimei kindly linked me to.

Thanks again everyone. Very helpful post. ^_^
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