August 17th, 2008


kiss 15 [smtown '08 aftermath]

His heart is thundering, ears ringing with the rush of blood and the screams of the crowd that see them off the stage. He’s breathing heavily, whole body heaving with the effort of it as he sucks in oxygen. Adrenalin is pumping through him too though, and he’s riding a cresting high that makes him feel like he could touch the sky. The music vibrates through every atom in his body and he feels like a livewire let loose.

The slide of a warm hand against his slick abdomen is like an electric shock, and when the hand pulls up, back, pressing against his chest and raking blunt nails over his nipples, he can’t keep back the moan.

It’s heady and wanton, and feeling the strong leg slide between his own, combined with the heady masculine musk that mixes with the scent of his own body, just about undoes him. The breath against his ear is just as heavy and rapid as his own, and he can hear the catch of Yunho’s throat as the leader pants, grinding against him in the too-small confines of the backstage. The noise of the music and trembling of the struts below them under the weight of vigorous dancing mean nothing however, and all he can feel is the heat of Yunho that envelopes him.

They’ve only moments and they know it, the hidden embrace a necessity rather then a risk, and he arches into Yunho as the man’s fingers slip between the loosened fold of his belt and his underwear to find the waiting hardness.

He spins around, forcing the arms away momentarily until he can press against the hard chest covered by the thin cotton of a tank top. He doesn’t even bother with it, knowing the feel of his lover’s body intimately enough to feel it all without having to see it. Instead, he goes straight for the belt, and soon they’re both moaning and writhing under each other’s touch.

There’s something sharp jabbing into his hip and his foot is half caught in some wiring, and there’s the constant vibration in the floor of moving feet going past their little alcove. He ignores it all though, focusing on the taste of salt and Yunho under his teeth and the ragged breathing in his ear, the buck of hips and the slide of sweat soaked skin under his palm. It’s beautiful and brutal and just what he needs.

Teeth and lips crash onto his as he cries out, the sound muffled by an explosive ending on stage and by the willing mouth of his lover. And as he struggles to find his breath again, panting into the hot cavern he cant steal his lips too far from, he feels like they’ve just conquered the world.