July 20th, 2008


Kiss 14

It comes to my attention that I cannot write on demand. :/ As soon as there is need for me to write something to a time-frame, I seem to throw a switch which means I can't write at all. >_< I had a week to think of this, and couldn't. So I wrote something really crappy at 2am last night for the challenge, and then tonight in the shower, I think of this. *shakes fist at self*



Yunho sneaks out to the balcony after the staff pounce on Changmin, hustling the youngest into another room to catch the dying rays of the sun.

He finds Jaejoong sitting on the balcony, still-bare feet dangling out over the road while the wild young man eats and orange and watches the world.

Jaejoong smells of tangy orange rind and dust as Yunho settles in beside him, threading his own long legs through the railings to hang freely. Jaejoong doesn’t look up – doesn’t need to. They’d long passed the day when they needed more then the sound of shuffling feet to figure out who was approaching. Yunho can see a slight smile that is pressed to another slice of orange as Jaejoong thoughtfully addresses him.

“I can imagine living here.” He says.

Yunho smiles, turning his gaze from Jaejoong to the city below. He has no doubt Jaejoong can. The young man has slotted himself into Paris like a fish to the ocean, and Yunho has been wondering when he’ll wake up to find Jaejoong’s side of the bed cold and empty, with just a note to say that he’s run away to become a Parisian bohemian.

“I can imagine you living here too.” Yunho replies with ease. This time, Jaejoong does turn to him, one eye half closed against the strong orangy yellow rays of the sun.

“Oh?” He asks, eyebrow raising. “And what about you?” The real question is unsaid, and Yunho smiles a little.

“Oh, I’d make myself fit. Somehow.” Out of the corner of his eyes, Yunho can see Jaejoong nod slightly, satisfied with the answer.

“A square peg into a round hole?” Jae muses, and swings his legs, toes wiggling. Yunho grins then, cheekily, and nudges one of the pretty feet.

“Hmm. How about a Yunho-shaped peg into a Jae-shaped hole?” He retorts. It takes half a second for it to register, and then Jaejoong hits him. Yunho just chortles.

“Pervert!” Jaejoong accuses, and Yunho beams at him, and nudges his shoulder with his own.

“But I’m your pervert, right?” He says, eyes sparking mischief. Jaejoong just rolls his eyes and sighs dramatically. Then he smiles, fondly, and twines their fingers together.

“And don’t you forget it.” Jaejoong advises lightly, and leans on Yunho while popping another fruit piece into his mouth. After he’s swallowed the morsel, Yunho leans over and tastes the musky orange of Jaejoong’s mouth.

Yunho won’t ever forget, can’t forget. When he was little, he dreamed of living down the road from his parents in Gwangju, with a beautiful wife and 25 kids. But people grow up, and dreams change.

If there was anything he’d learnt over the past few years of living out of a suitcase and seeing parts of the world he’d never dreamed of… it was that it didn’t so much matter where you lived, as who was there living beside you.