June 10th, 2008


Morning (kiss 12?)

Not really sure if this is a kiss bit or not. ^^; Much fluff, either way.

Jaejoong liked mornings, when he could get them.

Most of the time he didn’t have the luxury of a ‘morning’. What he got was rolling out of bed before even the sun had risen, blundering around in the dark trying to kick Yoochun out of bed while trying to keep his toes from freezing. Then it was a rushed mash of showering, teeth, hair, clothes, all mixed up and in tandem with four other sleep-deprived guys. Then it was bread buns in the car as they drove off to whatever was first on their schedule for the day.

No. They were not mornings. They were just how the day started.

Morning was a warm cocoon of sheets and limbs. It was the press of his lover’s nose against his neck, his hot breaths across his cheek. It was warm toes against his thighs and the tickle of fingers over his abdomen.

It was waking up and realising he didn’t need to be awake, and staying, content, in that half point between dreaming and waking, the solid warmth of his lover against him a constant in either state.

It was rolling over to nuzzle into the musky scent that they’d created together the night before, being able to twine their legs together in slow, unhurried movements.

It was the rumble of contentment from the chest he snuggled into, and the waff of an unsaid complaint about all this movement that ruffled through his hair.

It was dozing, as the sun peaked through the windows and began to warm the air around them, and the way the apartment rung with the echoes of silence and peace; knowing that he had no need to move.

It was lying in his lovers arms until the man began to stir naturally, with no screech of alarm or impatient band members squalling for the shower. It was the shift of skin on skin and the bone-deep warmth that infused him, the feeling of complete contentedness and the knowledge that he could happily live here in this moment forever.

It was watching those sleepy eyes blink open, short lashes fluttering against the brightness of the intruding sun. It was seeing the smile break across the weary face, and the cool touch of a nosetip on his face as they nuzzled each other softly, before shifting so that they lips could meet.

It was the musky morning breath and slightly fuzzy teeth that met his kiss, and the tightening of the arms around him, bringing them closer.

Most of all though, it was being able to pull the sheet up over their heads, ignoring the world outside in favour of another kiss from the man he adored and muttered words of teasing affection that made morning the best part of Jaejoong’s day.