March 31st, 2008


Kiss 10

“WHY,” is Jaejoong’s explosive entrance into the lounge area. “is it always ME.” Junsu’s car dives off a bridge and sinks into the water as he jumps in surprise at the outburst, causing him to wail and Changmin to cackle gleefully as he skids through the finish line.

“Always you what, Joongie?” Yoochun asks, muzzily, half asleep on the couch with one largely uninterested eye on the game unfolding on the TV.

Seeing as it seems he is being ignored by the two youngest (save for a dirty glare from Junsu), Jaejoong flops onto the couch, nearly breaking Yunho’s shins as he sits on them - a yelp and startled extraction ensuing. After they’ve settled again, with less pain involved, Jaejoong continues to pout and Yoochun re-asks his question.

Jaejoong pouts more, looking adorable and put out at the same time. “Always me dying.” He begins with. Yoochun gives him a look and doesn’t even bother asking, just waiting to see if any of this will make sense down the track. “Dying, or insane. Or vain beyond all possible limits.”
“You are vain.” Yoochun points out and Jaejoong hits him. Yoochun had always been rather too amused at the things that went on in the fanfiction about them. “Don’t hit me, you violent man! Save it for Min. I’m only speaking the truth.” Yoochun complains, rubbing his arm and giving Jaejoong a wounded look.
“I’m not violent either!” Jaejoong complains, and Changmin lets out a large, disbelieving ‘Ha!’ from his seat on the ground. Jaejoong’s automatic response is to kick him, but then reconsiders. He grumbles instead.

“You’re a vain, violent man,” Yunho starts, and already has to move quickly to get away from the flailing, octopus fists of the irate lead singer. He manages to dart forward amongst all the uncoordinated movements though, and plant a kiss on the pouty lips of his lover. “and often quite possibly insane… but I still love you.” He finishes, words spilling out in a rush before he was darting away again, laughing to himself as he runs to the bedroom.

The thumping of Jae barrelling down the hall behind him just makes him grin all the harder.