March 9th, 2008


On the Other Side of You (9/11)


Title: On the Other Side of You, Chapter 9
Rating: This chapter - PG. Overall, NC17.
Form: Chaptered, 9/11
Genre: crack, smut, drama, AU.
Summary: Yunho meets two boys with exactly the same faces, but as different as night and day. Who are they, and why are they everywhere he turns these days?
This chapter: Yunho meets up with Jae for coffee and returning-of-notes.

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It seems I'm always appologising with this fic. I know this is eons late, but frankly I’ve lost all motivation to write this story. Not to worry, I will finish it, eventually, but it’s gonna be a long slog. I’m going to try and wrap it up in maybe 2 more chapters. Hopefully. ^^; Absoultely no promises on when they'll be coming though.

AND XD XD I COULDN’T RESIST. He had to be in one of my Jaeho fics, somewhere! I’ve been dying to do it for ages, and this was an opportunity. Haha. :3


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