February 26th, 2008


Kiss 8

(damnit Jae, you kill us, you do. And I'm sure you killed Yunho too. XD

Yunho’s hands were on his ass and under his shirt before he could even let out a startled yelp. The dancer quickly prevented him from doing even that, mashing their mouths together in a hot, needy kiss.

The moan that the kiss produced was involuntary, and he found himself submitting to the taller man’s demands and letting Yunho grope his body unhindered.

“God, you’re so hot.” Yunho mumbled against his lips, before devouring his mouth again. One hand was by now down the back of his pants, kneading at the rise of his buttocks as he ground against Jaejoong’s front.

Jaejoong tentatively ran his hands up Yunho’s back, trying to find purchase as his mouth and body were plundered.

“The way… you were looking… at the camera…” Yunho panted out between wet kisses, “fuck, you got me so hard…” He went on, hoisting Jae up until he could sling his legs up around Yunho’s waist. Yunho slammed him against the wall, showing him just how excited Jae’s flirtatious looks had gotten him. “And those gloves…” was murmured against his neck.

Jae spared a look for said gloves, now bunching up against his wrists as he wrapped his arms around Yunho’s shoulders.

“And,” Yunho rocked against him, causing them both to groan, before kissing him hard again. “and those damn chains…” Chains that were clinking even now, hanging from the side of Jaejoong’s waistband innocently. “I want to chain you to my bed tonight and make sure you can’t walk in the morning.”

Jaejoong let out a giddy exhalation of pleasure at the very thought of what that promise meant. His glasses tumbled off as Yunho’s nose rubbed against them the wrong way, and Jaejoong moaned as the dancer’s fingers gripped into his thighs, sending shivers up his spine.

If gloves, glasses and gold chain belts were what got Yunho this hot, then Jaejoong could foresee a shopping expedition with Yoochun in the near future. He felt the need to expand his belt collection.