February 14th, 2008


Kiss 7 (valentines special)

“So, Yunho-shii… what would you be doing today with your girlfriend?” The pretty MC asked, eyes wide with anticipation of his answer. Yunho flashed a smile and adjusted his scarf.
“Well. I’d take her to an amusement park.” There was an appreciative ‘oooh’ from the audience.
“And which rides would you go on?” The MC asked. Yoochun began laughing up the back, for no apparent reason. But that happened a lot, so they just kept going. Yunho could see though that Jaejoong’s face was twitching as well.
“Oh, the ferris wheel of course. And some of the fast rides, if she liked them.” He replied, his hand brushing past Jaejoong’s thigh on the couch beside him as he moved it to gesticulate. “And then I’d make her dinner, maybe a picnic, and give her a rose.” He finished up, fancifully. The MC cooed appropriately and the audience made sounds of approval.

He could practically feel Changmin behind him vibrating with the effort of keeping his laughter in, and Jaejoong’s shoulder bumped his subtly as the MC turned her question about Valentines gifts to Junsu.


It was just before midnight when the lights went out in the apartment, their manager finally falling asleep and leaving the rooms silent. Shuffling was soon heard though, and the sound of doors quietly clicking open and closed. As Yunho slid into the narrow bed on one side of the ChunJae room, Jaejoong shifted to give him room.

Something papery feeling was pushed into Jae’s hand, and he puzzledly pulled it into the little light provided by the moon. It was a piece of paper, cut out in the shape of a flower and coloured in with what looked to be a pink highlighter.

Jaejoong quickly clapped a hand over his mouth to keep his laughter from spilling out and waking Yoochun (although really, that was a long shot – it took an explosion of some sort to wake him at the best of times). His sparkling, amused eyes locked with Yunho’s, and they shared a grin. Unable to resist, Yunho lent in to press a sweet kiss to Jaejoong’s lips.

“Happy Valentines.” Yunho whispered softly as they broke apart, snaking an arm around Jaejoong and settling them into a comfortable embrace.
“What? Where was my romantic dinner, Yunho-shii?” Jaejoong whispered back, highly amused. Yunho gave him a look of shock.
“Hey! I made that ramen for you with loving care, Boo.” Yunho protested, and Jaejoong pushed his face into Yunho’s shoulder to stop another bout of laughter.
“And very superior cup ramen it was.” He eventually replied. “And my ferris wheel?” He demanded.

Yunho gave him a wicked look in return.
“I was thinking we could try a ride that’s a little… faster.” He proposed, pulling Jaejoong even closer to himself and showing the singer just what sort of ride he was in for. Jae ran a hand over Yunho’s back and to his hip, matching the man’s wicked look with a sultery one of his own. Laughter still danced in his eyes however.
“Really now? Well then… lead on Yunho-shii, lead on…” He murmured, before Yunho shut him up with another kiss.