November 16th, 2007


The Morning That Always Comes (oneshot)

I was going to post this on detox, but it's not actually YunJae. Erm. I dunno wth this is actually. I've had a part of it written up since a month or so ago, but finished it today. It's kinda sucky and 'wtf'-ish, but oh well. Sorry. This is what my LJ is for -dumping all the nonsense I write. ^^;

I was going to go out with workmates tonight but... I'm not sure what happened. I think it got scrapped because 3 of the ones that were going were out sick today from work anyway. :(

AND WHY IS THERE NO FIC?!?! This is my time of need, and there is no fic. D: *pokes detox*

Title: The Morning That Always Comes
Rating: PG
Form: Oneshot
Words: 1 426
Pairings: None really... Jae & Ho friendship?
Genre: angst-ish.
Summary: Jaejoong doesn't know what to say, so he watches instead.

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