November 10th, 2007


Kiss 6

I leave for Singapore in 9 hours. O_o So parting gift! Not just one kiss, but lots and lots! haha. Catch ya on the other side! ♥

“I’ll miss you.” Jae said, hands coming to cup Yunho’s jaw, fingers caressing over his skin.
“Mmm. Me too.” Yunho replied, leaning in to press a kiss to Jaejoong’s lips. “Have to stock up on my kisses.” He murmured, taking another even as he spoke. Jaejoong was in no way complaining, his hands sliding back into Yunho’s hair as he nuzzled into Yunho’s face.

Yunho’s fingers hooked into the belt loops at the back of Jaejoong’s jeans and tugged him forward on the couch, pressing their bodies together more as he hugged Jaejoong too him. Jae’s tongue played over his lips teasingly, and Yunho let it dip into his mouth. The kiss was familiar and comfortable, and they hardly even broke for air, keeping up an endless stream of small touches of tongues and lips.

“I’ll message you.” Jaejoong said, eyes blinking open as they parted enough for him to speak. Yunho’s smile was wiry.
“I know you will.” He teased, and Jaejoong gave him a little shove.
“Yeah, well, reply then would you?” Jaejoong said, lower lip beginging to protrude into a pout. Yunho grinned, totally unable to resist Jaejoong’s poutiness. He captured the pout with his teeth, gently sucking on the plump petal and then delving into another kiss.

Jaejoong’s hands found their way to the small of Yunho’s back, rubbing circles into the skin under Yunho’s shirt.
“And be careful, okay. I want you back in one piece.” He suddenly said, interrupting their lip lock and giving Yunho a serious look. Yunho kissed his cheek, brushing back the strands of his fringe fondly.
“Yes mother Jae.” He singsonged. Jaejoong hit him on the hip.
“Don’t call me that!” The singer exclaimed. Yunho didn’t agree to anything though, kissing Jae’s bared forehead before kissing his nose and then his mouth.
“Less talking. More kissing.” He demanded instead, something Jaejoong only had to debate over for a split second.

More kisses followed, with more murmurs of how they’d miss each other dispersed in between.
“Oh for fuck’s sake!” The annoyed explosion caused them both to pull back a little, turning to look at the tall young man standing across the room from him, hands on his hips.

“Three days hyungdeul. Three days! Not weeks, not months! We get precious little time off as it is! You’d think you guys could handle a couple of days apart, what with how you spend every second of every day living in each other’s pockets. Honestly!” Changmin raged, frustrated at how his supposed elders were acting like a pair of mush-for-brains, clingy, soppy girls. And Yoochun and Junsu had buggered off a day earlier, leaving him with this tooth-rotting, eye-bleeding spectacle.

He was met with two pouts and two large pairs of eyes, staring cutely at him. He stared back. They stared more. He flapped his hands in exasperation and gave up.
“Fine! Fine! I’m locking myself in the bedroom til the car comes. You guys wallow in your mush just as much as you want.” He muttered, stalking out of the room.

On the couch, Jaejoong and Yunho turned back to each other, satisfied smirks on their face.

“Now, where were we?”