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Eighteen Forever (oneshot)

It wouldn't go away mimei! D: I wish I could write it better - the images in my head don't come out on paper (er, screen?) and it's not how I want it, but for now it's all I can get. >_<;;

... and omg what am I DOING? I've got an exam tomorrow morning!!! >_<;;;;;;

Title: Eighteen Forever
Rating: PG
Form: Oneshot
Words: 1, 467
Pairings: Jaeho / OT5ish
Genre: drama, fluff?
Summary: We're going to stay awake through summer like we own the heat. We're gonna stay 18 forever, so we can stay like this forever.

AN: mimei posted a sort of fic challenge a bit back based on the lines 'We're the coolest kids / and we take what we can get ', which I did a short bit fic for. She then posted the song it comes from and I got a huge barrage of imagery from the song that's been nagging at me since.

Please do listen to to the song (Soco Amaretto Lime by Brand New)... it's sort of necessary to get the mood of the fic or else I think it just reads stupidly. ^^;

Junsu is waiting for them at the top of the steps, grinning down at them with the sun at his back, his shirt unbuttoned and untucked, and his hair perfectly styled. Yoochun shoves him, and the two laugh, barrelling down the overpass until Yoochun manages to tackle him, a tumble of limbs hitting concrete hard. They’re breathless, from the impact and from the laughter. Changmin rolls his eyes, nudging Junsu with the scuffed toe of his shoe as he walks past them, but he’s smiling.

Jaejoong leans out over the railing, swinging his weight forward as his fingers curl into the dirty bars and he feels the damp, hot wind in his face. Cars rush past below and he leans forward further, feet coming off the ground. Fingers creep over his hips and he smiles, laughs and lets go, his body suspended like a spirit watching over the speeding cars. He imagines falling, but knows he won’t as the hands turn to arms that encircle his waist and the solidness of Yunho’s warm weight presses into his back.

Changmin sits, long legs dangling out into the air, and Yoochun crawls up beside him after a while, Junsu whining behind them. Yoochun looks up at Jaejoong’s face and smiles, squinting into the sun.

They stay til late afternoon, Jaejoong perched on the railing, hands entwined with Yoochun’s as he does another balancing act, leaning back to converse with the birds that circle above. Changmin counts the red cars while Yunho counts the white, and Junsu is sleeping in the middle of the walkway. Jaejoong finally hops off the railing, he and Changmin slapping at each other’s limbs crazily as they run from the bridge, tumbling helter skelter down the steps on the other side. Yunho wiggles his fingers under Junsu’s half-open shirt, and the boy jerks awake with a squawk that Yoochun laughs merrily at.

The convenience store is empty as they roll through the isles, Yoochun pocketing a packet of condoms while Yunho and Jaejoong debate vodka and Changmin raids the mixers cooler, Junsu staring at the sweets rack.

Strawberries and creams, double blacks and a sixer to start them off and they shove each other laughingly out the automatic doors. Junsu and Yoochun do wheelies in the car park on a trolley while Changmin heckles them, minding their drinks and flipping strawberries and creams into his mouth expertly. Yunho leans into Jaejoong, hot breath on his neck as he kisses the skin there, Jaejoong laughing as he’s pressed up against a shiny black car and Yunho’s hands wander over the curve of his waist and his bony hips. Their skin heats from the contact, the shared warmth making Yunho’s shirt soak through, but it’s only when Yoochun nearly sideswipes both them and the car that they break away.

The streets are quiet, and as they come off the main road and down into the suburbs with the old wooden shack houses, Yoochun cracks a beer, their bag of goodies swinging from his arm as he trails behind the others. Changmin runs down the middle of the street, Jaejoong sitting high on his back and egging him faster, Yunho with Junsu on his back beside them as they race.

Jaejoong lets out a triumphant crow as Changmin’s large feet hit the stringy tufts of sand grass and the pair hurdle the low wooden fence only to tumble down a small dune. Junsu’s barking laughter follows them, and they can see the towering form of he and Yunho standing on the crest, having stopped in time.

Changmin’s still trying to catch his breath when Jaejoong scrambles up, his shoes left discarded in the sand as he runs down towards the water, arms flying behind him and hair whipping around, the epitome of a free spirit. He hits the water with a splash, his pants soaking up the spray as he laughs and dances around in the cool waves of the sea.

A shadow falls across his face, so Changmin looks up from his sprawled position and sees Yoochun standing over him, sipping on his beer as he tilts his head, an amused eyebrow cocked. Changming rolls his eyes and struggles up, resignedly scooping up the discarded footwear. They walk down to the edge of the water, shoes filling with sand, and begin to walk along it, going south, towards the noise of people down the beach. Junsu’s not far away, and opens his hands like a little boy showing his treasure, glittering pearly white shells and stones dripping wetly in them. Changmin steals a small stone, imprinted with some small fragment of design, perhaps from a long dead sea creature, or perhaps from a machine making cheap tourist trinkets. Yoochun just makes fun of Junsu’s treasure hoarding ways, and the three leave Jaejoong and Yunho behind, arms wrapped around each other as the water crashes into their ankles. Jaejoong’s hair whips around them, spraying over Yunho’s neck and tickling his nose, but Yunho just rocks their bodies comfortingly as he holds Jaejoong tight against him.

They manage to wander into the party together, the eldests’ arms still slung around each other and Jaejoong’s companionable arm wrapped around Yoochun’s shoulders. Junsu wanders off to investigate the big pile of wood that’s still being built up, and Changmin finds some boys cooking fish on a smaller fire. Everything glows red as the sun begins to set, the heavy sordid heat of the car park and bridge swept away by the salt breeze.

Yoochun finds a pretty girl, two in fact, and leads them over to a spot on the beach a little way away, smile wide and inviting. They giggle, prettily, and flirt back. Jaejoong snorts fondly and turns away, wandering up away from the water, sand giving way under his feet and sticking between his toes. He finds the benches along the embankment and the old, rotting white washed fence that’s half gone. It takes a few tries in his inability to coordinate his limbs, but he manages to stand up on the rickety wood, feeling tall and on top of the world as he looks down on the beach and over the blue reflection of the orange sky. He walks, unsteadily and with his arms out, down its length, to crouch on the end post. His toes curl over the edge as he hugs his knees, face tucked behind his legs as he peers out at the others. He smells the sea and the summer and all the things between.

Yunho joins him not long after, leaning on the fencing and humming a faint tune that Jaejoong sings along to unconsciously, the words quiet and slurred. Yunho grins though, resting his chin on his folded hands. When Jaejoong’s legs cramp, Yunho pulls him down and into the sand, the pair of them nesting comfortably its dry warmth.

Junsu returns with news on the bonfire, settling in beside Yunho as Changmin comes ambling up the dune, fingers full of charred, skewered fish that gets shared around with greasy fingers. The flesh is smokey and sweet, tender and simple with just salt and pepper rubbed over its skin. Yoochun makes it just in time and they distribute the beer, warm now from the heat, but as they settle in to watch the red tequila of the sunset, they don’t care.

Jaejoong rests his head on Yunho’s shoulder, an arm around his waist from either side. Junsu leans comfortably against Yunho, laughing at his own jokes as Changmin snorts at his silliness and pillows his head against Yoochun’s thigh.

They’re comfortable and warm in each other’s presence, savouring the moment, the day, the night, all the minutes and hours that made up their lives together.

As the sun sinks down into the shimmering sea, a girl shouts up to them, her hands beckoning. One by one, they wander away, joining in with the music, the dancing and the carefree laughter that continues through the night.

Yoochun will fall over drunk in the sand, flat on his back and singing to the stars. Jaejoong will find him there, tiredly stumbling down to curl up at his side, leaching warmth and smelling the smoke, salt and alcohol that weave into Yoochun’s shirt. Yunho will bring one of the blankets, tucking himself in beside Jaejoong until Junsu’s squirming body wedges itself between Yoochun and Jaejoong, the four of them groaning at the enforced movement and rearranging their limbs. Changmin will be the last, eyes half lidded as he only just manages to get a corner of the blanket to himself, arranging his lanky form beside Yunho’s solid warmth.

They’ll sleep there, dreaming of strawberries and cream, sunshine and warmth, of friendship and love, of being 18 and together; dreaming that it will last forever.
Tags: normalacy, songfic, yunjae/jaeho
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