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Book of Scribbles
Fic and Icon List 
16th-Feb-2011 04:28 pm
Here's a list of my fics, with links to find them. ^_~ Enjoy, and remember it doesn't matter how 'late' your comments are, I'll always appreciate them! So if you read and like, please let me know! ^_^

My art and icon posts are also linked at the bottom. LIST UPDATED 30/1/09


----|| smallshots
fics under 1000 words

JaeHo Mystery Write-ups, #1-5 PG | mixed (fluff)

My take on a few JaeHo moment rumours/mysteries.

From the Life of

PG | mixed

Fifty sentences from the life of Jaeho. (done by the 1sentance format)

Lost Without G | angst  
Reflection/Japan G | angst  
Never Let Go G | angst

Jae can't move on

Love's Grand Adventure PG | Fluff  
Butterfly Free

G | AU strange

Reflections/Invisible G | angst  
Love on the Ice G | angst, AU

He feels nothing but the cold empty spaces inside.

The Want G | angst  
The Boy with Buns of Steel G | Crack, AU  
Sunshine in Paris G | fluff

Waking to the sweetness of love.
*07 Xmas fic for maryl_z

Something Extrodinary PG | fluff, AU

Love and life and making the most of both
*07 Xmas fic for shizzical

All the Signs of Stress PG | fluff, AU

Yunho's stressed out.
*07 Xmas fic for cherjae

Love Song PG13 | drama, AU

Love isn't happiness, but sometimes it's enough.

Second Choices for Happiness PG | drama, introspective, *JaeChun

Jaejoong never 'settled' for a second choice. He just got happiness.

One Sunset More G | fluff

Jae picks Yunho up at the end of the day and takes him out and away from it all.
*07 Xmas fic for hyungie

What You Want PG | crack
*jaemin + jaeho
Jae is a manipulative little thing
どうして君を好きになってしまったんだろう G | angst, bittersweet Why did I fall in love with you?
Soulmates G | bittersweet
Yoochun finds that loosing someone isn't always a sudden thing; but that it doesn't make it any less painful.
Five Against the World G | OT5 Changmin knows they don't quite fit, but then, that's the best thing about them really.



----|| oneshots
one part fics over 1000 words

Candy Bandits PG | Fluff Just a night in the DBSK appartment. Snuggles, puppy-piles and candy stealing ensue.


G | Angst

When the boys reach break-point, some things have to happen.

Moments G | Fluff

A look at the kind of happiness that overwhelms you, sweeping you up and leaving you breathless.

Fashionistas PG | Crack

Jaejoong is surrounded by (fashion-challenged) idiots. No, really.

Irreplaceable PG | Drama

You must not know 'bout Jae - he can have another you in a minute.

Bitch Please PG13 | crack,
drama, AU

Just a day in the life of secretary!Jae at the office with his boss, Mr Jung.

Cuddles for Jaejoongie PG | crack

Inspired by the totally adorable YunJaeChun in the ETN Entertainment Station-2nd LIVE TOUR coverage

Lupis Cavi Cautum R | DarkSupenatural, AU

Beware the wolf.

Ultra Mors, Vita PG13 | Super- natural, sureal AU

After Death, life. Yunho meets his end's begining.

Story of a Boy PG13 | Drama, fluff

You meet a boy in the hall of SME's towering trainee building, and then your life begins.

Through the Looking Glass NC17 | smut, threesome, 2 versions of JJ,AU

Yunho ends up back in his world, but with two Jaejoongs. After some initial freeze, the pair team up on Yunho and all three have some fun.  (sideshot  to out_of_words24's 'Facet' universe)

One for the Money PG13 | Drama, AU There's a pretty man waiting for him at the reception desk, ready to make his night whatever he wants it to be.
A Very Disney DBSK PG | Crack Yoochun absolutely forbids you to start singing.
Every Day of Your Life PG | Angst, AU One day to the next, always there beside you.
Eighteen Forever G | Dramak, Fluff? AU We're going to stay awake through summer like we own the heat. We're gonna stay 18 forever, so we can stay like this forever.
Five Steps to Nowhere PG | Fluff You want to step out, touch the sky and live your dreams. And you want him right there beside you when you do it.
The Morning That Always Comes PG | Angst, introspective, AU Jaejoong doesn't know what to say, so he watches instead.
Cinderella's Diner R | Drama, angst, AU Unfortunately, real life does not do fairy tale endings.
Anywhere You Are PG13 | Drama, fluff, AU Sometimes, you find hope in the strangest of places. And hope is the stuff that life is made of.
* 07 Xmas fic for snow_halu
Best Laid Plans PG15 | Fluff, AU Yunho learns about the rewards one reaps for weathering the storm, in more then one way.
*07 Xmas fic for kaori_hayashi
Pieces of You PG | Fluff, angst? It's hard to bring yourself back together when you can't find the pieces.
*07 Xmas fic for kahel_luna
Stating the Obvious NC17 | Fluff, AU Yunho finds that you can learn a lot in uni, especially when the obvious seems to be right under your nose.
*07 Xmas fic for misanmirin
Empirical Knowledge NC17 | Smut, angst, AU, non-con, S&M

Proving that you can never really know someone. Even yourself.
*07 Xmas fic for machaparfait

The Prince in Prague PG15 | Fluff, drama Prague is new and foreign and spells a freedom that you crave, but your life has never been that simple. *Jaeho Exchange fic for Reece
Okinawa Lime PG | Fluff, OT5 The lesson to be learnt is - never trust Yoochun and Jae.
*07 Xmas fic for wmelon_kaiye
Girlfriend PG | Fluff, AU, Crack Hey, hey, you, you! Jaejoong doesn't like your girlfriend! He thinks you need a new one.
Finding Eden / Part 2 PG13 | AU-ish, drama, angst Yunho wakes up in a world very different to his own, and has to question everything he's ever known.
Words for You G | Fluff, AU Yunho learns that you can find ways to void any obstacles, if given enough incentive. And it seems like Jae fits that bill quite nicely...
Meant to Be G | Fluff Yunho's prompted to examine the realistc answer and the romantic one. Being who he is, it's a bit hard for him to give up the latter, even if his lover does think it's all a bunch of drivel.
If Not This G | Romance Jaejoong makes a confession, and Yunho thinks about what love is.
What Happens in Vegas PG | Fluff, crack Yoochun, Jaejoong, the Strip, and time off... shake, don't stir, and you get Yunho, hatching Silly Ideas in the place all Silly Ideas originate from. Vegas.
Twelve Days PG | Fluff 12 days, 12 presents; 8 sisters, 2 boys. Christmas is a fun time of year.
07 Xmas fic for fallofdark



----|| series
fics posted in two or more parts

Through the Fisheye PG13 Fluff, drama  AU Part 1
Part 2

Yunho is a small time photographer. Jaejoong is a big time model. Do the math.

On the Other Side of You
*work in progress*
NC17 LEMON Smut, fluff, crack
Chapter 1
Chapter 2
Chapter 3
Chapter 4
Chapter 5
Chapter 6
Chapter 7

Chapter 8
Chapter 9

Yunho meets two boys with exactly the same faces, but as different as night and day. Who are they, and why are they everywhere he turns these days?

Grace Fallen R
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3, 1st Half

Part 3, 2nd Half

Jaejoong tries to figure out just what his position will be now that his master, Yunho, has a new bed slave; while Yunho has his own problems to cope with.

View of the Heart PG13
Seeing with the Heart
The Heart Goes On
Jaejoong tries to see with his heart, rather then his eyes. Yunho doesn't get it.
The heart goes on, even when all else fails.
Gutterflower NC17, drugs, abuse,
(no summary, but please note this is quite dark and deals with... er, 'mature themes')
オタクじゃないよ R,
Episode 1
Episode 2
Episode 3
Yunho finds out the perils of otakus, cosplaying and fangirls.



----|| sets
fics that are, somehow, related but not a linear story

The Smut Set NC17 LEMON Smut, Fluff One of Those Mornings

Some days, Yunho wakes up knowing it will be a Good Day.

Morning Exercise Regimes Yunho finds out that morning excercise regimes are very important.
Cats Cradle Jaejoong always gets the cream.
YunJae Kiss Bits PG15,
Kiss 1

Music and hot chocolate.

Kiss 2 The rain.
Kiss 3 Of hairspray and pink butterfly clips
Kiss 4 Stubborn leader-shii
Kiss 5 Slice of life
Kiss 6 Stocking up on kisses
Kiss 7 Valentines Day
Kiss 8 Of glasses, pink shirts & chains
Kiss 9 Little Golden Riding Hood
Kiss 10 It's all in the fanfic
Kiss 11 Aegyo Yunho
Kiss 12 Morning
Kiss 13 Changmin learns a lesson
Kiss 14 Perverts in Paris
Kiss 15 SMTown '08 aftermath
Kiss 16 The insecurities get us all
Kiss 17 Ninja-photographer-kitty Jaejoong.
Kiss 18 Okaeri


----|| art


YunJae  *warning: Cross dressing Jae

Just a little taste



----|| icons

18 icons

11 Jaeho, 7 Jae

21 icons

1 Junsu, 1 Micky, 1 Changmin, 5 Jaejoong, 3 Yunho, 3 DBSK, 6 Jaeho, 1 Jaehomin

12 icons

3 Jaejoong, 5 Jaeho, 1 spazz!Min, 4 mini!DBSK

18 icons

3 Jaejoong, 3 Changmin, 1 Yunho, 1 mini!DBSK, 10 Jaeho

21 icons

6 Jaejoong, 2 Changmin, 13 Jaeho

18 icons

1 Yoochun, 1 Min, 2 Yunho, 5 Jae, 6 Jaeho, 3 DBSK

18 icons

6 YunJae, 6 Jae, 4 Yunho, 1 DBSK, 1 Jaechun

18 icons

7 Jae, 5 YunJae, 4 Yunho, 2 Yunho, 2 Changmin, 1 Yoochun, 1 Jaechun

6 icons

6 Pin (Jin/Pi)

... and just to let you know, I'll never lock anything on this journal. ^_^

A note on translating my fics into other languages: I don't come on LJ as much as I used to - so if you would like to translate my fics, please do so. I would love to have my stories shared with others around the world. You also have my permission to post your translated version wherever you please as well. But, PLEASE CREDIT ME with the original story creation and link back to my LJ.

A note on distributing my fics: Please DON'T repost my fics anywhere (this doesn't apply to translated versions of my fics, the translator may post it where they like). Also, please DON'T give out my fics in .doc format or by other means. If someone wants to read my fics, please direct them to my journal/this post. You can save the fics for your own use of course, but please don't send them around; there's no need to, people can just read them here. Thank you.
(Deleted comment)
7th-Jun-2007 03:14 pm (UTC) - Re: Your reader
Sure. ^_^ Let me know your email and I'll send it to you! I'm glad to know you enjoyed the fic, and the song. lol.
2nd-Jul-2007 10:57 am (UTC)
Hey man, just floating through the Jaeho scene, and came across your stuff. Loving 'em, it's hard to find decent JaeHo fics. Love your LJ banner, too :P
3rd-Jul-2007 12:14 pm (UTC)
^_^ Oh, thanks! I'm really glad you enjoyed my fics. Always nice to hear! And ahaha, I'm getting annoyed with how damn purple my LJ is. Need to do something better with it me thinks!
13th-Sep-2007 04:03 am (UTC)
I love your fics!!

sadly I've overlooked/missed a few..

this is going into my memory!
6th-Nov-2007 12:09 pm (UTC)
Hahahha I love you fics but I must say my fave until is definitely Through the Fishye Lens. I dunno why. It's Pg-13 and it's so sexy and fluff and lovely. I just how you wrote about Jae there. XDD
4th-May-2008 11:29 am (UTC)
same with me... it became one of my fave! *high five
23rd-Nov-2007 05:03 am (UTC)
ahh..lesse, lesse...where should i start??

erm...okay, i've read ur fics before and i must say, I LOVE THEM!!!

AL;FBNASL;BDVAKL;SBVASL;BDV;SLBV~~!!!! (<--spazz moment, sry)

ok..thats it..i think im done here *sweatdrop*
sry for freaking u out >__<;;
26th-Nov-2007 05:43 am (UTC)
OMG. Fics. Yesssss.
10th-Feb-2008 06:22 pm (UTC)
Mind adding me??

^_^ you're one of the writers that made me get a livejournal account in the first place. So talented!

13th-Feb-2008 02:12 pm (UTC)
I just added you back! Sorry about the delay. ^_^

And wow, thanks! That's a lovely compliment. I'm glad you enjoy my stuff!
4th-May-2008 11:28 am (UTC)
Just read "through the fish eyes". Though it short, I was overwhelm. Read lots of Jaehoo fic, and this one became my fave. You manage put Jae as in equals term/on par with Yunhoo. They both on the same level, of uncertainty. Neither became the man or the woman.

Love the way you describe Yunhoo "stupidity/slow reaction" without word, but through Jae's reaction. And the one paragraph when Jae told Yunho how he knew him well....that's a hit. And your subtle way of telling us they have made love. So sweet.

I usually made 1 line comment....this is an exception. ^_^
Highly recommended to my other Jaehoo's friend. Four thumbs up!
(going to grab your others fic now....)
16th-Jun-2008 06:15 pm (UTC)
hi, bb. Just to let you know that I've been reading "On the Other Side" and I am loving it as well as hoping for some more updates to the story. It's brilliant and detailed and although I didn't comment individually, I can't stop rereading it.
Will probabyly catch up with more of your work later. thanks for writing bb and pssstt....please update OTOSOY soon .

30th-Sep-2008 04:02 pm (UTC)
Oops i read all. Means having much Fun. Hope you post soon a new Chapter about "On the other Side of you", i really love it. It´s not the Lemon only the hole Story is Fantastic. In my mind it comes that this Youngwoon is Jae but grown up and making a Visit in to the past. Or Jae has two personalitis. What a funny thougt. If he ever remember his other side it would make him faint. So you see i really think about what you write.
3rd-Dec-2008 08:32 pm (UTC)
Hi there!
It's Yuri, nice to meet you ^^
Not long ago one of my friends recommended me to read your fic "Through the Fisheye". At first I wasn't sure cuz I liked YunJae a lot... but not in that way, you know? But curiosity beseted me so I've read it and... WOW!!! That was really awesome! I like you writting manner and your ideas in general! I'm so looking forward to read all your fics!
Also I've heard A LOT of praises on "On the other side of you" *^^* Hope you would finish it someday ^^

I really want to join you LJ account so... mind adding me? *puppy eyes*
4th-Dec-2008 11:29 am (UTC)
Hi Yuri! Nice to meet you too.

I'm really happy to hear you enjoyed Through the Fish Eye... and that you read it despite not being a Yunjae fan. :D I hope you enjoy my other fics too - they are almost all Yunjae only though. ^^; None of them are locked on my journal, so you needn't be my friend to see them. The only things I lock are my own posts (which are usually about DBSK, but sometimes not)... but I've added you anyway. :D

Thanks for taking the time to comment, and I do hope you enjoy the rest of my writings!
22nd-Jan-2009 04:05 am (UTC)
I can't believe I spent the whole day reading all of your fanfics.....I think I killed my eyes by accident. If they die how will I read more fanfics T_T. You're a very good writer though so keep up the good work I could learn something from you since I can never complete a plot idea. I don't think I can ever complete one piece of work lol.
25th-Jan-2009 12:08 pm (UTC)
^^; I hope I didn't kill your eyes! But I'm glad you enjoyed my fics so much. :)

Hah, a little bit of knowledge for you - before I got into DBSK I had been in another anime fandom for like, 8 years and only produced 2 fics for it. I had a million ideas but never finished any of the plots for them either. Even now, for each fic I post, I have about 5 word files on my computer that hold fic 'scraps' which I haven't gotten finished. And for each 'scrap' I actually write something for, there are probably 15 ideas I had in my head that never even made it to paper. >_< I get a lot of plot ideas, but I'm too unmotivated to actually sit down and write most of them.

You should try writing something though! The YunJae LJ community is full of people who write often, so it sort of inspires you to actually write and contribute something. Good luck!!
10th-May-2009 01:20 pm (UTC) - new reader here
new reader here...
i read some of your fics and i like it.....
can i friend you but you will only see blank pages on my journal since i'm the worst author wannabe....
18th-Nov-2009 03:53 am (UTC) - HELLO
Gomen for this rather suddn comment+_+
I rooted u from dbsg community..
I ve some probs about ticket balloting..okay2.honestly i have no idea about balloting..bigeast..etc.+_+.=(..poor me.
i'm planng to go forfor thsk's next jpn's tour..around july next year-D..ma ma..
but the thing is ...
I have no idea..+_+..and i'm ALL alone!Yeah..coz all my frens aren't crazy as Me.And the other friend was like..not enuf budget.so,worse come where i have to go by myself..coz i'm already crazy to go next year!+_+..no one can stop me.=(
my japanese friend aren't much of help>.<...snce she's still young*haih*..
and so,I have to depends on myself=(..i'm only 20!damn.
anyway..it wud be good if u can give some tips or advice.+_+..onegaishimas..sory! for butting in like this.
3rd-Dec-2009 06:31 am (UTC)
Hello m'dear, you don't know me (which is tragic, quick friend me!XD)but i just wanted drop by and let you know what a fan i am of your work. Especially of a certain fic called... oh what was the name... ah, yes 'On the Other Side of You'. Now as a fan I feel it is my duty (and an honor) to remind you of a little statement you made in your last chapter- "Not to worry, I will finish it"- and to inform you that it has been over a year and a half since that last update? Tell me my heartstrings that you have not abandoned this fic? For I will pine if you have. My life was a dark,cold,empty abyss until the the light and warmth of your fanfic radiated... erm... light and... warmth?
Ok, I have sadly run out intensive flattery but the message still got across didn't it? Update. PLEASE! I love your Youngwoong and trying to figure out his mystery. So don't give up! You have your own personal fanclub cheering you on from the safety of her computer. Update! Update! Update! Update! Update!
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