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DBSK in Australia = teh WIN.

... I can't believe 4/5ths of DBSK (+1 honourary!) are in Australia (with one more on the way?). It's just weird thinking that they're in my country - Hell, most of them are in my city, less then 20 minutes away from me. I'm really interested to see the photos from the shoot, and to see what, exactly, Minnie's drama shows of Brisbane.

No, I didn't get to see them. I had to work! I spent half the day at work messaging or on the phone to various people who were squealing about either seeing JaeChunSuYooh at the airport or not being able to go see them at the airport. I got different reports of where they are staying, and what fans were doing to/for them.

I really don't think they expected there to be fans in Australia. Odd really. There is a large population of Koreans in Sydney and heaps of Japanese in Brisbane/Gold Coast... and word always gets around. If there were people in France, there were going to be people here! I heard JJ had to like, go back into the terminal area to fetch the manager when he saw all the fangirls!

Honestly, a part of me wants to go out and try and see them, but then another part really doesn't. I'd like them to actually enjoy their time in my country, rather then be hounded by fangirls. Plus, I think they're partially here for a holiday and it would be nice if they actually got one!

I'd like to hear them talk about Sydney, and what they did here and their impression of the place. I'm not sure if JaeChunSu are here for a mag photoshoot (which I've heard) or not, but I hope they do at some point discuss it! I think it's kinda adorable that Yoochun was filming the airport like a proper little tourist. I mean, jeeze, Sydney airport is really nothing to write home about. Actually it looks rather like Incheon airport! Hopefully the Blue Mountains prove more beautiful for him. :)

I think it's rather cute that Yoohwan came with them too. :) Obvs an interpreter for them!

I wonder what will happen if Yunho really IS coming as well, like it's being rumoured. With Min in Brissie, I can only assume he's going to be with the others. I'm thinking it must be Avex sending them out here if that's the case.

Interesting times. If only they were doing a performance here. That would just be... awesome


So. In the last three weeks -

* I had 4 job interviews
* Got offered a job
* Started the job (4 days later...)
* Bought a car
* Found a place to move out to in late January with friends

and today...

my cat died.

He was 19 years old and had been with me since I was 6. He's been struggling all this year, and had to have surgery a little while back... I've known it was coming... but mum called me at work today and told me he'd collapsed and the vet had to put him down. He'd stopped eating, and was really weak, so it was probably best for him. It didn't stop me bawling though, in the middle of work.

I really don't understand why this is all happening right now. Everything, all at once. I've gone on for years without anything significant happening, and suddenly it's like I jumped into a whole different life somehow. I mean, most of the stuff has been good, but I'm all teary now because Jamie has been my 'baby' for so long, and while we used to have two cats, now there are none. We've had cats almost all my life and now, it's going to be weird without one.

My dad said something that made me cry all the harder - that it all 'fit' together. Like Jamie knew I'd be moving out soon, and that it was time to move on himself. He held on a lot longer then we'd expected... I guess I just thought he'd keep on holding on even though I know it had to happen sometime.

Oh shit, I'm crying again. Going to bed now.

... I wish I had taken more pictures of him.
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Kiss 20

Going through my Kiss Bits file. This isn't something I wrote recently... Actually, I wrote it last year but never quite finished it. So I added a few lines, and voila. The writing may be a bit funky though because it's old! ^^;

Based on a rumour I heard that Yunho got a nosebleed in a resteraunt while they were in Thailand and that Jaejoong got tipsy at the same meal.


It’s taken a couple of hours, but by the time their main meal turns up, Yunho’s feeling lightheaded. By the time Jaejoong has downed most of his plate of unbearably spicy curry (and downed far too many glasses of liquor and beer), Yunho’s nose gives up the ghost and blood trickles down his upper lip.

Mortified, Yunho excuses himself from the table and rushes for the bathroom, where he stuffs tissue paper up his nose to try and stem the flow.

“Well, that was kinda gross,” Jaejoong noted, pushing through the swinging door and coming into the small bathroom. Yunho was bent over the sink, wet hands rubbing over his nose. Jae leant on the wall behind, propping himself upright while watching the dancer in the mirror.

“Thanks for the support Joongie,” Yunho mumbled dryly between splashes of water. He wrinkled his nose, finding it still itchy. At least the water was cool against his face. “Damn, this place is just so hot.” His hair dripped water as he stood up, and he reached somewhat blindly for the disposable towels hanging from the dispenser. One was placed directly into his hand however, and he wiped his face with it gratefully. He opened his eyes again, and found Jaejoong standing right in front of him, and rather too close.

You’re hot,” Jaejoong drawled, a teasing grin on his face. He was moving closer, leaning in, and Yunho found himself leaning back into the sink.

“And you’re drunk,” he accused. Jae pouted a bit, hands coming up to tug at the tails of Yunho’s shirt like a petulant child.

“Not drunk. Just pleasantly tipsy,” he said with a sniff. Yunho rolled his eyes.

“No more for you, I think. You know how you get when you’re drunk,” he chastised. And hoped his nosebleed would not spontaneously come back as Jaejoong lent his hips against Yunho’s, unbearably close.

“mmm. I think you know how I get when I’m drunk.”

“I thought you said you weren’t drunk,” Yunho replied, while trying to gently nudge Jaejoong off him.

But of course it didn’t really work. Jaejoong always got incredibly clingy when he was drunk – sorry, ‘tipsy’ – smiling widely and foolishly like he was now. It was, Yunho had to admit, rather endearing and adorable… all mixed up with a dash of sultry. And a ‘dash’ of sultry for Jaejoong made the whole thing far too sexy for a bathroom in a public restaurant.

“Shut up, Yunho, and stop with the logic,” Jaejoong practically purred, nuzzling against the side of the dancer’s face. Yunho tried, half-heartedly, to move away, but Jaejoong was practicing his own particular form of immobilisation; one involving pressing himself forward until he was plastered to the front of Yunho, and making the sink dig uncomfortably into Yunho’s lower back.

“Jaejoong,” Yunho warns.

“Yunho,” Jaejoong purrs, and then shuts up any protests with a slow, sloppy kiss.

As always, Yunho is so easily seduced by Jaejoong’s lips, and can’t help but return the hungry kiss. His hands go to Jaejoong’s hips, and he can almost forget that he’s in a public toilet in a restaurant in Thailand.

All Yunho can feel now is Jaejoong, and heat heat heat.

Gutterflower /6

zero / one / two / three / four / five

The boy at the servo knew who he was.

He knew, he kewn, and he was looking at Jaejoong like he was expecting something. Jaejoong hated that look. Hated that look because he knew there was nothing he could do to meet that expectation, even if he didn't actually know what the boy wanted or expected. This wasn't what he wanted.

That he knows was like a wet fish to the face, and terrified Jaejoong far more then the fact that his whole body had gone clammy cold and that he was shivering.

The latter fact seemed to worry the boy more though, and his face was a mess of odd worry and confusion. Jaejoong didn’t know what to make of it. All he had wanted was some more vodka. And carrots. He wanted carrots. But there weren’t any there. He remembered getting more of those chips instead, the orange ones. What'd he done with them again?

“Shit, you look like you’re going to collapse.” The boy sounded like he knew what he was talking about, and Jaejoong wondered if he was right. Collapsing actually sounded like a good option. His knees buckled.

“Fuck!” Mmm. No…

“Where are you staying?” The words were somehow urgent, and the boy’s grip was hard and bruising around his arm. The boy's face swam into view again, his small eyes wide, forehead crinkled. The flat concrete of the entrance to the servo was nicely solid and cool as he sunk onto it. His jeans will be dirty, his mind told him.

He could hear mumbling, and realized after a moment that it was coming from himself.

The hands tightend further, and Jaejoong held back a whimper. Don’t whimper. Not ever. Bad bad bad. Just lie back and block it out. Let it happen. Always worse if you struggle. Jaejoong imagined a wall of white, and ignored the hands all over his body.
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The Tokyo Dome essay.

I know this is eons late, and they've already been and gone to Beijing in the meantime, but eh.

It's long and wuffly and it's more for my own memory then anything else, but here's my Tokyo Dome experience, from Showcase to Concerts.

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